Transvision Vamp

Transvision Vamp were a British alternative rock group. Formed in 1986 by Nick Christian Sayer and Wendy James the band enjoyed chart success in the late 1980s. James, the lead singer and focal-point of the group, attracted media attention with her sexually-charged and rebellious image.

The band's original lineup was James, Sayer, Dave Parsons (bass), Tex Axile (keyboards) and Pol Burton (drums). Parsons and Axile had both been in punk bands prior to joining the band - Parsons in The Partisans, and Axile in various bands, most notably The Moors Murderers and X-Ray Spex offshoot Agent Orange.

Wendy James - vocals (1986–1991)
Nick Christian Sayer - guitar (1986–1991)
Dave Parsons - bass (1986–1991)
Tex Axile - keyboards and drums (1986–1991)
Pol Burton - drums (1986–1989)